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Simplify Your Home

Preparing to sell and move can be overwhelming when considering the large amount of stuff that has accumulated in your home. Over time, it’s pretty common to have specific areas of the house that gather clutter, like junk drawers, closets, cabinets, linen closets, and the garage. Little by little, we bring items into our homes, and piece by piece suffocates our space. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of items you have, as you approach the sale of your home, here are a few tips for you.

(** Listing agents, feel free to share this with your sellers to help them alleviate some of the stress associated with selling their home.**)

First thing first, don’t procrastinate. The longer you put it off the more overwhelming it will become. Your best bet is to make a game plan and take action! You will feel a million times lighter once you put in the effort and get yourself organized. Consider decluttering and organizing your items into Donate, Sell, Recycle, or Throw Away categories.

Here are some Suggestions:


  • 'Like new' kitchen appliances or baking ware that you’ve used once and forgotten about

  • Rarely used table sets

  • Throw pillows that are more of a nuisance than aesthetically pleasing

  • Kid-Sized furniture that is in good condition but never used

  • Workout equipment that’s gathering dust and taking up space


  • Outdated kitchen appliances that still work.

  • Lightly used linens that are taking up space in closets

  • Gently Used Mugs and cups

  • DVDs and CDs you haven’t used in years

  • Kid's forgotten toys and books

  • Clothing (Jackets, work pants, athletic wear, blouses, etc.)

  • Gently used shoes and purses that you haven’t used in years

  • Planters that are collecting cobwebs outside

  • Furniture that is not needed and adds to the clutter.


  • Old phones

  • Old laptops and computers *Keep the Hard Drive*

  • Half Used Notebooks (How many notebooks do you need? You’re never going to use it (Toss it!)

  • Stationary that you have had for a decade

  • Plastic bags from the grocery store

  • Brocken plastic planter

  • Batteries

  • Old Magazines

Throw Away:

  • Soap, shampoos, and conditioner bottles a quarter of the product left

  • Old toothbrushes

  • Old hair and make-up products you’re not using

  • Expired medications and vitamins (*Make sure these are disposed of properly)

  • Worn-out and stained towels

  • Old receipts

  • The mail you’ve been hoarding

  • Children’s artwork (Consider using a scanning service that allows you to create books to treasure your kiddo's masterpieces.)

  • Broken crayons, dried-out markers, and pens that don’t work

  • Puzzles and board games with missing pieces

  • Broken toys

  • Cords and chargers you no longer use

  • Clothing with stains or holes

  • Worn-out shoes that you no longer use

  • Broken hampers and laundry baskets

  • Socks that no longer have a pair

Make a game plan for yourself, a pot of coffee, and get to work! Your best bet is to pick one list at a time. This is not an easy project but you will feel a million times better once it’s out of the way.

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